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I was very skeptical at first and it was very last minute but Jose assured me that it was legit. They picked up my truck for me and told me I would have it in 3 days, and the guy actually arrived in 2days but it was too late to go get it. Truck was brought to me safe and sound. Will definitely recommend and use they guys again. Thanks JOSE! Rochelle
Thanked me for my Sons Service TO Our Country

I just had my son’s car shipped without any problems from Flint Michigan to Fort Benning, GA. I requested quotes from numerous companies but decided to go with All Coast Auto Transport. When I booked the transport, I mentioned to the customer service rep that this was for my son who is in the Military. I was shocked when the rep told me he would have to revise the quote to reflect a military discount. He thanked me for my son’s service to our country and told me it was the least his company could do for him. This was offered after I already agreed to the price. I highly recommend this company.

Albert Gaynes
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