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”Very Professional Service”

When I needed transport for a car that I bought in upstate New York to Maryland, I spoke with many brokers, but I chose to go with All Coast Auto Transport, even though they were not the lowest bidder. My initial conversation with All CoastAPOSTROPHY-MARK-REMOVEs Kevin Gauthier convinced me to choose All Coast. When the NY dealership was not able to clear up a problem with the title, I finally cancelled the sale. Kevin kept in touch with me and told me that when I find the right car, I could apply my original deposit on transportation for it. I did find exactly what I was looking for in Lowell MA and bought it on Wednesday. I notified Kevin that IAPOSTROPHY-MARK-REMOVEd like it to be in my driveway in Maryland on Saturday. He immediately found a driver and made it happen, and for a very fair price. Thanks, Kevin.Rick Ehrmann
Thanked me for my Sons Service TO Our Country

I just had my son’s car shipped without any problems from Flint Michigan to Fort Benning, GA. I requested quotes from numerous companies but decided to go with All Coast Auto Transport. When I booked the transport, I mentioned to the customer service rep that this was for my son who is in the Military. I was shocked when the rep told me he would have to revise the quote to reflect a military discount. He thanked me for my son’s service to our country and told me it was the least his company could do for him. This was offered after I already agreed to the price. I highly recommend this company.

Albert Gaynes
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